Zomato - How To Join As Zomato Delivery Boy And Earn Money

Zomato is an Indian Food Delivery Start up started in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah.It provides information,User-reviews,Menus of restaurants and also food delivery options from partner restaurants in all over India and almost 25 countries.

This was all about Zomato. Now lets come to the topic "How to Become/Join as Delivery Boy in Zomato and Earn Money?".
Don`t worry, this article will clear all of your doubts and help you becoming a Zomato delivery boy.

Zomato - How To Join As Zomato Delivery Boy And Earn Money
Zomato - How To Join As Zomato Delivery Boy And Earn Money

Why to Join As Zomato Delivery Boy

Maybe you want to do a part time job and increase your savings💰 or maybe you are a student and want to earn pocket money💸.Besides earning money,joining as a Zomato boy makes you go through different challenges of getting orders and delivering them on time.

Weekly Payments
Get weekly payment directly in your bank account.
Flexible Working Hours
Choose your time according to your convenience.

Insurance Coverage
Feel safe with their accidental and medical insurance.

Referral and Joining Bonus
Make additional earning by referring your friend.

How to Join As Zomato Delivery Boy

Process to Join as a Delivery Boy in Zomato is very easy.
You can apply online here.
After visit this link click on Apply and provide your details, soon you will get a call from Zomato.

Or You will have to go to the nearest Zomato office and tell them that you want to join as a delivery executive.You will be taken through a short training session where they will teach you how to use the delivery app, how to behave in front of customers and your goal targets etc.
You will then be asked to pay Rs.500(may vary) as a refundable deposit for your T-shirts(2 in no.) and the delivery bag. After this, they will collect all your documents related to your bike and your bank account details.
Keep in mind that you need to carry a few documents when you visit the nearest Zomato office.The list of documents is given below:

  • Current and valid insurance
  • A Bike
  • Vehicle RC(in the name of the applicant or a no objection letter from the owner of the vehicle)
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card 
  • Bank account details(Xerox copy of the passbook or a cancelled cheque)
  • A Working Smartphone
After all of document verification process is completed, you might be asked to sign an agreement.Finally after all the formalities are done, you would be provided with the official Zomato app which will be used to receive orders.

Keep in mind that you can choose your working hours according to your convenience.
You will get your payment on weekly basis.You can even make additional earning by referring your friends to this program.

How Much Do A Zomato Delivery Boy Earn?

Salary of a Zomato rider may not be fixed and it may wary from Rs. 25 to 100 per delivery depending on the distance covered.
An active deliver boy can easily make Rs. 500 to 600 on weekends after paying the expenses of petrol for bike(Yes the expenses of petrol would be yours).On week days it may vary from Rs. 300 to 500 per day.

It also depends on the number of Zomato Riders in the area and the number of orders received. 

Voila! You are now a Zomato Rider. So now like other zomato riders, wait for your order,accept it and deliver it to the customer and earn money.Be kind to your customers and never forget to ask them for a Five Star Ratings😁.Maybe your kindness can earn you some tip 🤑from your customer.

Although I have tried to cover most of the important things in this article but if I have left some thing, Suggestions are most welcome.
Thanks! Have A Nice Day Ahead.😀

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