Top 7 Ways To Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment

You are here on this article because you want to earn money online from home without any investments.
Don`t worry you are at the right place.
You might have searched the ways to make money online, but what you find are -Earn money by shortening links,Earn money by viewing videos,Earn money from surveys....blah..blah...blah!

So, Do these methods work?
Yes, of course,  they do and they can even buy you a chocolate or candy.This is the sad reality of these methods.

So what to do to make good amount of money?😕

Just go through the top 7 methods described in this article.
Without wasting your time I am directly coming to the point.
Top 7 Ways To Earn Money Online From Home Without Investment

Requirements to Earn Money using these steps:
No rocket science needed, but you should have at least a few skills.

Become a Blogger and Earn Money

Blogging is an efficient way of making money online as the amount earned depends on your writing skills and your viewers. More the traffic you can drive on your blog, more will be the earning.

But the question is "How can a blog make money?".
  1. Google provides a service called AdSense which displays Ads on your article and these Ads make money for you. 
  2. Affiliate marketing can be the second method to earn money using your blog.Don`t worry I`ll explain more about Affiliate marketing.

Become a YouTuber  and Earn Money

You use YouTube to watch videos but the creators of those videos make a huge amount of money. You might have seen Ads while watching videos on YouTube. Those Ads are also provided by AdSense. So from now onward use YouTube not only to watch videos but also to earn money because Youtube is the hottest trend on the internet to watch videos and earn money.

You can make comedy videos, tech videos, Vlogs, etc that can be useful for your viewers.

Once you start getting views and subscribers, you can place ads on your videos and start earning money.

Sell Photos Online and Earn Money

This is one of the best uses of a smartphone, yes you can take photos of nature, dishes, flowers or of your taste and sell them online.

There are many sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Photobucket where you can submit your photos to sell. Whenever someone wants to buy your photo you are paid as per the price you fix.

 And even you can be paid multiple times for the same photo.

Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you really want to earn big amount of money & can do hard work then Affiliate Marketing is made for you.

As the trend of online shopping is increasing day by day, the scope of Affiliate Marketing is also increasing.

There are many online merchants like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Clickbank, CJ, etc. where you can signup & promote their products.

In Affiliate marketing, you are simply helping people to buy the right product by creating a website or providing them links of products in your YouTube videos.
Affiliate marketing can earn you  4% to 20% commission on every product bought through your link.

Become a Freelancer and Earn Money

Freelancing is another way of making money without any investment. As a freelancer, you have to provide your services to get paid. You may get paid on a daily basis or after completion of the project.

There are many popular website like  UpWork,, WorkNHire, Peopleperhour  .

You can do jobs like data entry, content writing, video editing, photo editing, software development,etc. as per skills you have.

Make Android Apps and Earn Money

You might have seen Ads while using android apps. Those Ads are provided by Google`s Admob, which is similar to AdSense but it only provides Ads service on Android or iOS Apps.

Android Studio is used to create android apps but not everyone knows to code so you can easily create android apps using some online platforms like AppyPie. Once you have created your app, you can publish it on Google Play Store and start making money.

Note- For uploading your app on Google Play Store, you need to do one time investment of $25 to purchase google play console.Once you have purchased the account, you can upload as many application you want.

Make Money On Quora

When we have question in mind we try to get its answer on Google, and what we find in top of the search result is
Actually Quora is a Q&A platform with almost all the questions you can have with their answers.
But how can we make money through quora?
Their are two methods-
  1. You can join Quora`s Partner Program by posting Questions and Answer on Quora. It is similar to writing articles as you have to be consistent their. You are paid for writing questions on Quora. But it completely depends on Quora if they invite you for their partners program or not. But you just do your best and you would be surely invited.
  2. The second method is to drive traffic from Quora to you blog or website. How? Just find questions on Quora similar to your blog post and share link of your blog post their in Quora. It will drive a lot of traffic to your website. As the traffic increases your revenue from Google AdSense also increases.
So these were some efficient methods to earn money online from home without any investment.
In this article I have only discussed about the methods which can help you making money.
I would be briefly describing about these ways in my other articles. 

Although I have tried to give my best writing this article, suggestion are welcome.

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